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Worlds in Collision
By Immanuel Velikovsky
As Interpreted By Bob Barefoot


My name is Robert Barefoot. As a young man I was torn by the dilemma of the existence of God. Then, having accepted His existence, my problem became the Bible. By the age of seventeen I had visited a hundred different churches of a dozen denominations. I confess that my goal in going to so many churches was not just the pursuit of the truth, but also the fact that the best looking young ladies could always be found in the choirs.

All of the churches believed that the Bible was accurate. But the stories that the bible contained were unbelievable to any intelligent young man. For example, how could Moses have parted the seas with his hands? Over this and other subjects, I had several heated arguments with the men of the cloth.

One senior member of the clergy told me that he was delighted by the fact that he knew that the day would come when Bob Barefoot would validate the Bible. I passionately disagreed with him, but eleven years later, there I was, standing over his grave and begging for his forgiveness. I was eating a lot of crow, and I knew that he was smiling in Heaven. He had been right! I was wrong! The Bible is accurate!!!

The Holy BibleI basically spent the next 24 years licking my wounds, watching as the Creationists battled the Darwinists. The Creationists lost in the courts and lost in the schools. But they lost for the wrong reasons. I used to think, "If they only knew that their arguments indeed were backed by science, and that much of Darwin's theories contradicted science, they could win a few rounds."

The problem is that no one is telling them. Thus, it is time for me to step up to bat. I do not want to create a religious debate, but rather I readily take on the challenge of a scientific debate. I begin with the web site

If you enjoy the subject matter or even if you have some problems with the content, I welcome your input.

Many Questions

In 1978 a fellow co-worker, Dr. Tom Holmen gave me a book to read, "Worlds in Collision " by Dr Immanuel Velikovsky.

Dr. Holmen, who had three PhD's and who had worked for the American military establishment, was a highly respected scientist. He told me that Albert Einstein supported Velikovsky and that the book would change my life, and it did. I was absolutely astounded at the revelations it contained. Since childhood, I had been waiting for an explanation to questions that no one could answer. Finally, Dr. Velikovsky came to the rescue.

CreationEvery scientist, at one time or another, wrestles with the dilemma of whether or not God exists. As a child I knew and believed in God. However, those that were his messengers, the men of the cloth, could never truly answer my questions.

When they read us the Bible, the events they described were unbelievable and they could offer no explanations. For there to be three days of light, the world must have stopped spinning. How could that have happened ? How did Moses part the oceans to lead his people across? And the Bible says that people ate manna from the sky. Food falling out of the sky, how can this happen? As a child I believed that those who wrote the Bible must have exaggerated, but the men of the cloth told me that they did not.

I was also bothered by the fact that in Siberia they were digging intact elephants and hippopotamus out of the ice and dogs were eating the meat. Equatorial vegetation was found in the intestines. Also, elephants, hippopotamus and other equatorial animal bones are found in abundance in England, France and the New England states. This meant that equator must have been in these places at one time and then dramatically and instantly moved away. That meant that the North Pole must have moved. As a young man reading a basic geology book, I was gratified to learn that geology has proven with the science of paleomagnetics that the North Pole has indeed moved.

The North Pole at one time was located around what is now Arizona. It then shifted out toward the mid south Pacific, then up to Japan and finally to its current location. When the North Pole was in these locations, the equator must have been in other locations. For example, when the North Pole was in the mid south Pacific, the equator went through Siberia, which would explain the elephants in the ice.

But then how did the equator suddenly move leaving Siberia topped with ice? As a scientist I was satisfied that the poles and the equator had shifted many times, and therefore maybe the Earth did stop spinning and maybe the Bible was right. But if these things did happen, how did God accomplish it?

Finally, Some Answers

The Earth and CreationIn order to explain these same events, Dr. Velikovsky, who was born in atheist Russia, took the simple approach. He just assumed that the Bible was accurate and that the descriptions of events given by other cultures of the time were also accurate.

He found that when there was three days of light, other cultures living on the other side of the Earth described three days of darkness. Therefore it did happen. He also found an ancient culture that in 1400 BC described how a comet swooping down on Jupiter caused a moon to rip off and come crashing toward the Earth. This took place about the same time period of which scientists determined that the ancient cultures in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy were all wiped out. Also, scientists have concluded that in 1400 BC the ancient cultures of Persia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus, Crete, and Egypt were all simultaneously overwhelmed by a catastrophe that ended their civilizations.

Ancient writings describe how great tidal waves moved from the north towards the island of Crete and then swept over it resulting in an irreparable blow. In its path, as Venus came crashing towards the sun, it nearly collided with Mars, putting Mars on an erratic orbit and then came crashing towards the Earth. In 1400 BC, a moon of Jupiter, that we now call Venus, almost collided with the Earth. It came so close that the gravitational attraction caused Earth's mantle to stop spinning while pulling the oceans hundreds of feet higher. This caused three days of light.

MarsHydrocarbons from Venus's atmosphere showered the Earth, some of which later oxidized into carbohydrates and could be eaten, manna. The Earth's mantle was pulled thousands of miles resulting in the North Pole moving from the mid south Pacific to Japan. The American continents were pulled 1200 miles from the Africa/Asia continents.

As Venus passed away from the Earth, it's gravitational pull let go and the Earth resumed spinning. At this point, the oceans dropped resulting in a 1000 foot tsunami with simultaneous monstrous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The equator suddenly went through what is now the United States and Spain, causing the glaciers to melt. Millions of people and millions of animals died. What was land was now ocean and what was ocean was now land. The world had been changed by a catastrophic event, “The Collisions of the Worlds."

And then, for the next 700 years Mars, which had been knocked out of orbit, had several near collisions with the Earth, resulting in more catastrophes. During one of these near collisions in 702 BC, the Greeks, who prayed to the God of Mars, started the world's first Olympics in honor of the event. During another near collision, the gravitational attraction of Mars caused the seas to rise hundreds of feet, lowering the seas in other areas and allowing Moses to lead his people across the sea floor (Exodus). Massive lightening bolts from Mars struck down and killed an army of 250,000 men just as they were about to invade Jerusalem. The last devastating encounter occurred in 687 BC. With these wild events, many of which are described in the Bible, occurring before everyone's eyes, no wonder the people began believing in and praying to the God of Mars.

For me, just knowing that the Bible is accurate gives me substantial relief. However, knowing that almost no child on Earth knows or understands what happened to the Earth only a relatively short time ago, makes me very sad. This web site, ""; is dedicated to changing this status quo.

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